When do we need Coaching Supervision?

Coaches are facing clients alone,
Coaches need to handle emotional frustrations alone,
Coaches need to make decision on what to address next alone.
And sometimes, it can be quite challenging!
Here are some examples of situations brought to Supervision,
when Coaches DO need support and clarity from Supervisor.


“With certain clients, I end my coaching sessions completely exhausted, as if they had drained all my energy for days.
Why does this happen?”


“My client said he plans to take different actions to save his business.
One of them is to stop drinking.
How do I handle that?”

“I’ve never done group coaching before. Do you find it effective? What should I avoid? Which are the best practices? How do you structure your sessions?”
“The sponsor asked me to help the Coachee handling her stress. For him, it’s her last chance before getting fired.
But she thinks the coaching is a way to get a promotion.
Who should I be loyal to?”
“I’m coaching a lady whose little boy just died last month. I feel so sorry for her, can really feel her pain so much.
Can I really help her?”

“I don’t know what to do with this client: always enthusiastic during our coaching sessions. Then, he doesn’t do anything, not a single action that he committed to do.”

Coaching is not only about applying beautiful models learned with fellow participants to get an awesome certification.

When facing real life challenges, all of a sudden, we go through absolute delightful enlightenment and… significant shortages.
This is where our professional standards and ethics get tested,
this is where our humility to acknowledge our own limitations get tested,
this is where our courage to ask for guidance from Supervisor gets tested too!
When do we need Coaching Supervision?

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