Vice President & Membership Director

Business Performance Consultant / Coaching Specialist
Overview and Strengths 
As an experienced Facilitator, Speaker and Coach, Lily trains and coaches individual or groups in companies to assist them excel in corporate performance. She has worked with more than 300 corporate clients including participants at all levels (from frontliners to senior executives) in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia and China for the past 20 years.  
Lily work hand-in-hand with corporate clients in their effort to initiate, implement and align corporate working culture including the area of SALES and SERVICE culture change, BUSINESS PERFORMANCE and LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Her areas of expertise include: design, develop, train and coach on CUSTOMER SERVICE, SALES and leadership especially in the area of COACHING, EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT, CHANGE and POSITIVITY.  
Prior to becoming a full-time trainer and coach, Lily held various senior managerial positions in local and foreign companies mainly in the areas of operations, sales and marketing, that included a Singapore-based training company in Malaysia as Director of Business Development, leading a team of trainers and consultants in achieving significant business results. 
Professional History
8-year hands-on retail operation, and more than 10 years corporate sales and marketing with remarkable business performance record. These professional experiences has helped Lily greatly when she works with her corporate clients in human capital development for the past 20 years. 
Customer Service and Sales 
Sales and Leadership Coaching
Employee Engagement 
Leading Change
Positivity and Resilience 

Coaching Style

Lily perform one-on-one / team coaching to both corporate and individual and possess track record in translating human performance into business results via coaching and consulting.   
Lily’s style is highly engaging steered with clear and focused outcome. Coachee often commented, “Lily is casual, engaged and focused which makes me feel comfortable in the coaching session. That approach empowered me to commit to my actions willingly” 

Coaching Philosophy
Believe in Caochee and the Coaching Process, and let miracle unfold….