Applying as Supervisor

ACSM welcome Supervisors and supports your offering coaching Supervision as long as you are:

  • Accredited Supervisor
  • Actively practising supervision
  • Supervised yourself
  • Willing to work with Coaches in the Asia Pacific time zones
  • ACSM Member or about to join
  • preferably ICF accredited as it allows Supervisees to claim CCEU for each supervision session

What benefits?

  • Competences enhancement
    The more we practice supervision, the more we grow our own skills…
    and the more we realize how much we still need to grow…
  • Professional networking
    Working with other Coaches provides opportunities to discover talents, to enrich our own practices and build partnerships with trusted professionals.
  • Business development
    Each supervision offers tremendous opportunity to build trust and invite your Supervisee to recommend your services.
  • Credibility enhancement
    Featured among other supervisors reinforce your credibility as contributing to promote high professional and ethical standards in coaching
  • Hours towards renewing your own ICF coaching credential
    Serving as a Supervisor counts for CCEUs. Hence, each supervision session lasting 1.5 hours counts for 1.5 ICF CCEUs Core Competencies.

What will you get and how can you contribute?

ACSM has been organising many types of events and services for Coaches / Supervisors / Mentors since 2016:

  • Workshop on supervision
  • Group supervision sessions
  • Talk for Coaches
  • Online week webinars
  • Supervision Capsule Facebook Lives
  • Mentoring Cafes
  • Retreat for Coaches

We work on a yearly schedule and contact all ACSM supervisors to contribute and seize these opportunities to gain more visibility through these events.

We also welcome additional suggestions and contributions.

Each Supervisor gets featured via:


Applying as a Supervisor

1. Please email us your

  • Supervision accreditation certificate
  • Few lines describing your supervision practise and confirming that you are supervised and eager to work with Coaches in the Asia Pacific time zones
  • ICF credential certificate if any
  • 1000 words profile
  • 1Mb portrait picture

2. Join ACSM

3. Settle the marketing fees

currently RM200 per calendar year
can be paid with the ACSM membership fees according to these payment details