Power of Reflective Learning & Thinking Partnership!

A beautiful possibility emerges spurring the client onwards….
A client feels stuck and at his wits on what to do…

Amidst the urgency and rush outside of you, how can your client think better and more creatively around you…

How can we embrace our humanity, in helping our clients reconnect with their own innate brilliance in immersing in the beauty of the 7 human qualities and capacities.

Khoo Sim Choo

Our guest Speaker Supervisor Khoo Sim Choo, coach supervisor, PCC will explore with us on how to stimulate Thinking, leveraging on our client’s strengths, becoming even more resourceful.

Key Takeaways

Join her talk to leave with these key takeaways:
1. An appreciation of the power of our Thinking partnership with our client.
2. Simple activities on the 7C’s of Reflective Learning
(Care, Compassion, Curiosity, Creativity, Contemplation, Connection, Courage)
3. How to spark the transformation process by co-creating with our client.



Reflection is an Oasis for Busy People in Busy Times,
January 2017 | Issue 12:35,
Association of Coaching by Elaine Patterson

More Time to Think, 2015 by Nancy Kline

September 29th 2018, 10am to 12pm

Venue : TBC
Fees : Members = RM20 & Non-Members = RM50.00


or Whatsapp Marianne 011-15749741



Venue @ Hankidz Academy

28-3, Jalan PJU 5/8 – Dataran Sunway – Kota Damansra – 47810 Petaling Jaya



Looking forward to meeting you there!

Power of Reflective Learning & Thinking Partnership!
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