Partnership with EMCC

The European Mentoring & Coaching Council has been active over the last 20 years, serving coaches, mentors and supervisors. EMCC is now expanding in the Asia Pacific Region.

ACSM is glad to partner with them to serve our community of mentors, supervisors and coachees/supervisees.

Joint membership

ACSM Members can now become an EMCC Member at a privileged rate, either as

  • Founding Member of EMCC-APR, Organisational Member of EMCC International
    EUR 250 for 2 years (Individual membership EUR 300)
  • Organisational Member of EMCC International
    EUR 125 per year (Individual membership EUR 150)

We strongly encourage Supervisors to join, since EMCC so far is the only professional body with a global accreditation for Supervisors. Criteria for this accreditation definitely command strong professional standards and extensive practice. Registration needs to start one year before the accreditation process can actually take place.

We also encourage Mentors and Coaches to join, as the accreditation provides several levels that could complement your current credentials, especially when in-between two major ones.


Shared resources

Both ACSM and EMCC run events around supervision and mentoring topics.
ACSM offers opportunities to reflect on our coaching practices, through

EMCC offers opportunities to enrich our coaching practices, through

Both ACSM and EMCC support research projects on topics crucial for mentoring and supervision,
such as Research on Coaching presence.




Partnership with EMCC
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