Mentoring offers opportunity for Coaches either to

  • pursue their professional continuous education, mostly by getting feedback on their coaching competences, in view of enhancing their coaching skills and renew or upgrade a professional credential
  • develop their coaching business, leveraging on the experience of the Mentor Coach who has already work in coaching sector for several years and can guide through the journey of entrepreneurship

Credentialing Mentoring

Coaches eager to get or renew their professional coaching credential need mentoring. ACSM supports Mentors and Coaches by offering Group Mentoring sessions at affordable price for Coaches, while valuing the Mentors’ experience and dedication.

Benefits of credentialing mentoring?

Hours towards renewing your ICF coaching credential Each Group Mentoring session lasts 1.5 hours and counts either for 1.5 ACC / PCC group mentoring hours or 1.5 ICF CCEUs Core Competencies.

  • Coaching competences enhancement Each Coach gets and/or provides feedback on their coaching competences, assessed towards the ICF Core Competencies with criteria specified as ICF PCC markers. Mentor sends a written feedback on each coaching part along with suggestions and encouragements.
  • Professional networking Meeting other Coaches online and observe them in action also provides opportunities to discover talents and build partnerships with trusted professionals.

How many mentoring hours required to renew credential?

Requirements vary depending on the professional organization and your coaching experience. ICF specifies requirements for ACC, PCC and MCC.  

What investment?

ACSM intends to support the coaching community, hence to make mentoring affordable to Coachs and adapted to their coaching experience. Contact us for price inquiries.

Looking forward to welcoming you.