Applying as Mentor

To offer your services for Credentialing Mentoring, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

What benefits?

  • Hours towards renewing your own ICF coaching credential
    Serving as a Mentor Coach counts for CCEUs. Hence, each Group Mentoring session lasts 1.5 hours and counts for 1.5 ICF CCEUs Core Competencies.
  • Coaching competences enhancement
    Giving feedback along the ICF PCC markersĀ requires sharp observation and listening skills, on top of direct communication. Mentoring comes as an ideal opportunity to practice and sharpen our coaching skills.
  • Professional networking
    Meeting other Coaches online and observe them in action also provides opportunities to discover talents and build partnerships with trusted professionals.
  • Business development
    Each Group mentoring session is fairly compensated and offers tremendous opportunity to build trust and invite each Coach participating to also contact the Mentor for individual sessions.

What compensation?

  • ACSM liaises with both Mentee and Mentor for individual sessions
  • ACSM organises each Group Mentoring sessions, targeting a minimum of 3 Coaches and a maximum of 5 Coaches.

ACSM Members attend with a significant discount, yet Mentors receive the majority of the fees.

Contact us for fees inquiry

What duties?

  • Confirm the attendance
  • Explain the objectives and mentoring process
  • Mentor along the ICF PCC Markers, with professional feedback
  • Confirm the attendance to ACSM & Send related invoice

When do the Group Mentoring sessions take place?

Group Mentoring sessions take place following an agreed upon schedule, in accordance with the

Dates allocation policy among Mentors

  • ACSM aims to provide equal opportunity to Mentors, hence allocate dates on first come-first served basis.
  • If less Mentors than mentoring requests, ACSM will then allocate several sessions per mentor, as per preferred dates selected and on a first-come- first served basis.
  • If more Mentors than mentoring requests, ACSM will then offer several sessions on 2019 with an increased frequency on last quarter.

Applying as a Mentor

Please email us your

  • PCC / ACC renewed certificate
  • 1000 words profile
  • 1Mb portrait picture