ACSM Members benefits

ACSM Members enjoy the following privileges:

Monthly Mentoring Cafes

  • The in-person meetings where Coaches have the opportunity to practice their coaching skills and get feedback, where we all learn from different coaching styles and enjoy a nice cup of coffee to network among Coaches and Mentors/Supervisors eager to grow as well
  • Followed by a short video on a specific issue we recurrently notice among Coaches for us to be vigilant and develop that specific skill.
  • FREE for Members / RM20 for Non Members.

Monthly Supervision Capsules

  • Online sharing by Coaching Supervisors on topics relevant for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors.
  • All recordings available
  • Short and sweet 20-min – FREE for all Coaches

ACSM Retreat for coaches (28 & 29th March)

  • In-person 2-day retreat for Coaches to flip their beliefs around money, to feel at ease selling their services, to enjoy growth in their business.
  • Special price for Members

ACSM online week

  • The yearly Webinar Series where Coaching Supervisors share practical tool for Coaches / Mentors / Supervisors to use in their practice.
  • FREE for Coaches
  • All recordings available

Training offers

  • Training providers offering courses relevant for Coaches / Mentors / Supervisors partner with ACSM on ad hoc basis.
  • Specific discount for ACSM Members on the regular training fees.

Partnership with Coaches Associations

  • EMCC-APR partners with ACSM to offer a special combined Membership
  • Specific discount for ACSM Members on the EMCC membership

Public register of ACSM Members

Soon available listing of each ACSM Member on ACSM website.

Certificate & Banner

ACSM Certificate and use of ACSM Member banner in their email signature or website.

Becoming a Member / Renewing Membership

Membership Requirements

To become an ACSM Member, you need to be:

  • Actively practicing coaching.
  • Certified as a Coach from an training accredited by either ICF, EMCC, IAC or NLP bodies.
  • Determined to hold to ethical and professional coaching standards.

Provided you meet all these criteria, please follow the steps and enjoy your ACSM Membership.

Steps to become / renew

[1] Fill up the online membership form.

Prepare the files of your portrait and coaching certificate / coaching supervision certificate. You’re also required to confirm your agreement to abide to The Global Code of Ethics guidelines on an annual basis.

[2] Transfer online the membership dues. 

You have the option to select:
– 1 year membership = RM100
– 3 year membership = RM300, get a FREE coaching supervision session
– 5 year membership = RM500, get a FREE coaching supervision session and get a 2nd supervision session @50%

Public Bank – Account number 3814518403

[3] Email the transfer slips to and