Shifting from SHOCK to STRENGTH

A nasty email and we’re urged to answer on the same way, feeling so shocked…
A client feedback that triggers us into discouragement, having done our best and yet…
How to understand our own reactions and transform these into a new sources of power?

Frances Penafort

Our guest Speaker Supervisor

Dr. Frances Penafort, coach supervisor, PCC will share with us on how to deal with Shock and leverage on them to find our own Strengths, becoming even more resourceful as a Coach.

Join her talk to leave with these key takeaways
1. An understanding of

  • how our body is more intelligent than our mind (neo-cortex)
  • how shocking events will shut down our neo-cortex
  • the role of oxytocin in building our compassion

2. Simple activities on

  • body posture to build ‘bounce-back’ strength
  • Wisdom – to overcome our need for control
  • Compassion – to overcome our need for approval
  • Power – to overcome our need for safety

3. How to short-cut our transformation process by using proxies

January 20th 2018, 10m to 12pm

Venue     :   Block B4-6-6 Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur
Fees        :  Members = RM20  &  Non-Members = RM50.00
Register :   Either online or per email or Whatsapp Marianne 011-15749741

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Shifting from SHOCK to STRENGTH
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