Events Director

Hi! My name is Sharon Karamsingh and I am very excited to serve as part of the Executive Committee of ACSM as Event Director. I have a background of over 30 yrs in Learning and Development in leadership development, talent management and   instructional design; training onboarding; career transition and outplacement coaching in a range of industries. 

People development is a passion of mine and I have seen how coaching takes it one step further by empowering our clients and giving them back to themselves by figuring out their self limiting beliefs and coming up with their own solutions. Seing that person bloom,  inspires me to do what I do.

I aspire to grow a successful coaching practise and eventually also to provide probono coaching to underprivildeged young women to rise and strive for better lives and changing their inner narrative, self'esteem and bring out their inner heroine!

I would also like to have a mixed media studio one day and incorporate art theraphy into my work.

I look forward to working with and serving the members to the best of my ability.

Sharon has a Post Graduate Diploma in HRD and Training from University of Leicester ,UK, and a BA from University of Adelaide, South Australia, majoring in Psychology and Anthropology. 

She is also a Licensed Practitioner of NLP and a  Certified Associate Coach.