Coaching presence – Contribution to research

So far, not many research exist on coaching presence, since measuring such an abstract concept looks complicated.

Yet, presence is so much of essence in coaching!

If we would know how coaching presence work, it would place us in a much better place to serve our clients.

If we could find a way to assess your presence while you coach and give you feedback so you know what to improve, would you be interested?

You are invited to participate to this research

Tünde Erdös, a PhD researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL) & Ashridge Centre for Coaching (UK) & Case Western Reserve University (US) is leading a research project dedicated to coaching presence and looking for 105 Coach-Coachee pairs to gather reliable research data.

ACSM, ICF, EMCC, ANSE, LVSC, NOBCO, APAC, AoEC, APECS welcome and endorse this effort to answer the key question: How does coaching presence work?


An interesting approach beyond simple client’s feedback

Tünde’s approach consists in mapping data from:

  • coaching client feedback,
    thanks to pre and post-coaching session survey over 10 hours of coaching per client
  • synchronicity of body language between coach and coachee,
    thanks to recording of coaching sessions, without any sound and uploaded in a software that computes the level of mirroring between the movements of the two silhouettes involved


You too could join the pool of participants, if…

If you are a Coach eager to know yourself better,
to raise your awareness on your own coaching presence
and ready to record face-to-face sessions with two Clients also consenting to participate to this research,
you definitely can join the 105 Coach-Coachee pairs contributing to this research on coaching presence.


Returns we might expect

Once the research completed, provided the Client answered all questionnaires, you will receive

  • A joint CERTIFICATE of participation from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Ashridge Centre for Coaching. You will have a unique certificate to show your future clients!
  • ILLUSTRATIVE FEEDBACK on your non-verbal synchrony
  • BIO-NOTE on your coaching presence & how your non-verbal interactions shape your relationships with clients
  • ICF, LVSC, ANSE members will be awarded CCEUs (continuous coaching education units)
  • e-BOOK with key findings & their implications for you and your coaching relationships
  • Support for you in helping your clients FEEL SAFE with being video-taped & NOT audio taped
  • Researcher’s readiness to participate in MUTUAL COLLABORATION to create an ethically balanced give-and-take relationship between researcher and participating coaches
  • SUPPORT for coaches throughout the research process (e.g. technically and conceptually)

Learning more and joining

You will find more detailed information on

Join by contacting Tuende Erdos by email


Looking forward to read the conclusions of this promising research!



Coaching presence – Contribution to research

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