‘Brand Me’ ~ Who I Am Is How I Coach

Thought-provoking and interactive talk to help us Coaches branding ourselves authentically and best serve coaching clients with our unique gifts and talents.

  • What are your unique gifts and talents that you offer your coaching clients?
  • Who are you most passionate about serving with your coaching business?
  • What do you help them do and/or be?
  • What is relevant, useful, and valuable to the people you serve about doing and/or being this?
  • What do you stand for in life that has you doing this work?
  • What distinguishes your coaching offer from other coaching offers?
  • What world are you offering to help your clients create for themselves?

During this interactive workshop, we will engage these and other important questions while introducing the Nine Core Design Practices for Entrepreneurial Coaches.


Guest speaker Jean-Francois JADIN

Jean-Francois Jadin

ACSM is delighted to welcome our guest speaker and supervisor
Jean-Francois JADIN, PCC.

He is an integral coach, registered coach mentor,
coach supervisor and coach facilitator,
dedicated to holding a sacred space for his clients to unfold,
revealing in the process their full potential and aliveness.


November 21st 2018, 7pm to 9pm

Venue : Hankidz Academy Petaling Jaya – Directions available here
Fees : Members = RM20 & Non-Members = RM50.00




Looking forward to meeting you there!



‘Brand Me’ ~ Who I Am Is How I Coach
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