All about growing YOU, as a COACH

1 week full of online webinars, led by Supervisors and Mentors to
–  Boost your coaching skills
– Grow your coaching posture
– Nurture your coaching practice

Here is the Program!

21 Jan @ 8pm (GMT+8)
All about growing You, as a Coach

Marianne Dupuis, ACSM President, Coach & Supervisor
& Virginie Jullien, ACSM Events Director, Coach & Supervisee

Will share about
* The fascinating topics and amazing speakers you will encounter,
* The mysterious reasons behind launching this online week,
* The most compelling cause for you to attend the webinars LIVE

22 Jan @ 10am (GMT+8)
What you really need to know when you coach globally or virtually

Led by Marianne Dupuis, Coach & Supervisor, ACSM President,
& Leon Teh Lii An, Coach & Interviewer, ACSM Communication Director,

If you coach online, you will encounter the pitfalls and wonders of cross-cultural coaching. Have you ever coached in a second language or having a coachee who was not a native speaker when talking to you? You would know that connecting could be both difficult and rewarding. We will talk together on why culture matters and also does not matter at all in coaching. We will also explore what mindset we need to embrace when our Coachee’s culture differs from ours. You will leave the webinar with references to better prepare yourself for your next global or virtual coaching.

About Marianne Dupuis

French and Luxemburgish, Marianne now lives in Malaysia, pursuing her career in rich multi-cultural environments. Certified in coaching since 2010, she had the privilege to coach more than 500 people from all over the world and tremendously enjoy the surprises that emerges from such coaching. Accredited supervisors, she supports coaches in their growth towards international coaching standards and practices.

22 Jan @ 8pm (GMT+8)
Contracting… Shall we redefine it or should we call it Dynamic Contracting?

Led by Jose Ferreira-Filho, Coach & Supervisor
& Sook Leng Chong, Coach & Interviewer, ACSM Treasurer

The Coaching Supervision Academy says that more than 70% of issues during the coaching process are related with contracting. While we may see contracting sometimes as a one-time thing in the beginning of the coaching engagement and beginning of each session, we may need to talk in fact about dynamic spot contracting where we as coaches become more aware and tuned with those moments during the conversation where re-contracting may be needed. We may need to see those moments as part of enhancing the process and not disrupting it. Let’s share our views on contracting during the webinar!

About Jose Ferreira-Filho

Brazilian, Jose has been in Singapore now for 13 years. His background is in Psychology, started as a clinical psychologist as well as in career counseling. Transitioned to Leadership Development and Executive coaching where he feels energized by having deep conversations with executives about their values and purpose which reflects on their work as leaders. Jose also has been a Coaching supervisor since 2014.

23 Jan @ 10am (GMT+8)
Manage energy to build Relational Presence

Led by Felicia Lauw, Coach & Supervisor
& Sook Leng Chong, ACSM Treasurer, Coach & Interviewer

A coach presence and the ability to create trust/intimacy in a coaching conversation are fundamental in creating a safe and reflective space to work with the client. With a focus on our intention, attention and expanding our energetic presence we increase our relational presence to promote co-creation with our clients.

About Felicia Lauw

Felicia is passionate about helping executive clients and coaches wake their inner wisdom to increase ease in life. In her 12 years of coaching, she helped others re-engage their body, manage energy presence with active mindfulness and reflective dialogues to examine thought patterns.
She is the first Asian Coach Supervisor Trainer with CSA, Coach Supervision Academy.

23 Jan @ 8pm (GMT+8)
Emotion and Coaching in the Truest Form

Led by Rosalyn Tan, Pastoral Carer, Business Coach & Coaching Supervisor, ACSM Secretary
& Sook Leng Chong, Coach & Interviewer, ACSM Treasurer

The Sincerest form to Coaching touches the Feelings  – Of Oneself as the Coach, and of the Coachee.  Agree?

Irrespective if it is in the area of Life Coaching, Grief Coaching, Executive or Business Coaching, Professionals and Individuals are waking up to the profound effect that heart-base coaching  “transforms” rather than “transacts” our lives, within our work and social being.
In the short hour, my intention is look at some areas of awareness and management in this area of the heart, and the impact in our forward coaching journey.

About Rosalyn Tan

Rosalyn believes that the expansion of one’s thoughts and horizons is through self discovery from the “heart space”, especially during times of uncertainty.  Expanding beyond her two decades of Executive Experience in multi-national organizations, her natural inclination into coaching, counseling and supervision is in relationship building during times of uncertainty. For her, to embrace the unknown starts with having faith in one’s own future, by delving inwardly into Self Care and total nourishing, enabling the attaining of one’s future result one aspires to have.

24 Jan @ 10am (GMT+8)
The importance of self-care as a Coach

Led by Katrina Gisbert Tay, Coach & Supervisor
& Sook Leng Chong, Coach & Interviewer, ACSM Treasurer

Coaches are natural nurturers and givers. As a helping profession, it is important that coaches take care of themselves first in order to be effective and truly present for their clients.  In this webinar, Dr. Katrina Gisbert Tay will be discussing why self care is essential for a successful coaching practice and the steps you can take to become more energized, centered and mindful.

About Katrina Gisbert Tay

Dr.Katrina Gisbert Tay is a medical doctor, ontological coach, national board certified health and wellness coach (USA) and coach supervisor. She is passionate about empowering clients to create meaningful change by looking at the lens through which they see the world.

24 Jan @ 8pm (GMT+8)
‘I Am What I Am, I Am My Own Special Creation’

Led by Jean-Francois Jadin, Coach & Supervisor
& Sook Leng Chong, Coach & Interviewer, ACSM Treasurer

In this webinar, Jean-Francois will share his experience to-date facilitating a six-month journey with seven ICF Malaysia coaches towards developing a successful coaching practice.  The ups and downs, the joys and sorrows, the obvious and the unexpected, the easy and the complex: in short, the magic of unfolding to one’s true self

About Jean-Francois Jadin

Jean-Francois, PCC, is an integral coach, registered coach mentor, coach supervisor and coach facilitator, dedicated to holding a sacred space for his clients to unfold, revealing in the process their full potential and aliveness.

25 Jan @ 10am (GMT+8)
‘Reflective learning and psychological mindedness’

Led by Sim Choo Khoo, Coach & Supervisor
& Sook Leng Chong, Coach & Interviewer, ACSM Treasurer

Being comfortable not knowing, sensing and co-creating, allowing whatever to emerge.
Coach SuperVisor Sim-Choo facilitates a contemplative, curious and compassionate posture in learning and thinking partnership:
– How can we step back and notice what may be happening?
– How are interactions of stakeholders surfacing in the reflective space?

About Sim-Choo Khoo

Sim Choo, PCC, is an accredited CSA:UK Coach SuperVisor, ICF Certification Mentor Assessor and Innovation Coach, appreciative with a sense of awe. Expansive, eclectic systemic, sensing and hearing the silence of the music. Attuned as heart energies connect in the field, enabling the authentic potential and possibilities to emerge.

25 Jan @ 8pm (GMT+8)
Typical ethical dilemmas we may face as Coaches

Led by Frances Penafort, Coach & Supervisor
& Sook Leng Chong, Coach & Interviewer, ACSM Treasurer

One of the key ways to uphold the level of professionalism and integrity of coaches is by endorsing the Global Code of Ethics or ICF Code of Ethics as well as the Coaching Core Competencies. In this webinar, Dr Frances will share the role of ethics; the “hottest” ethical breaches and some best practices to raise the level of ethical maturity and understanding.

About Dr Frances Penafort

Frances, MCC, is an executive leadership coach, certified coach mentor, certified coach supervisor and a coach facilitator.  Frances partners with leaders in a safe and compassionate space, to bring out their resourceful energy so they be come role-models who build teams that are highly engaged, energized and creative.

We will share with you the link to each webinar per email, so please be sure to register if you have not yet!

Mark your calendar!!!

All about growing YOU, as a COACH

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