ACSM Talk for Coachs – 2018 CALENDAR

Thanks to your answers to ACSM survey on coaching needs in Malaysia,
we have noticed that you need different days to suit your schedule.
Let’s make it easy then:

  • Talks for Coaches in 2018 happen on 20th every other month
  • Practice with Free Group Supervision in 2018 happen every other month

Easy to remember: you have RDV on each 20th with ACSM! (We adjust for PH)


Jan 20th, Saturday – 10 am

Shifting from SHOCK to STRENGTH
with our guest Speaker Frances Penafort

March 20th, Tuesday – 7 pm

Energy – Why all the FUZZ!!
with our guest Speaker Thomas Chen

May 17th, Thursday – 10 am

Growing your Presence Online as a Credible Coach
with our guest Speaker Marianne Dupuis

July 21th, Saturday – 9 am

My journey to become a Supervisor,
from Jean-Francois Jadin, Sim Choo Khoo and Frances Penafort

Sept 29th, Saturday – 10 am

Power of Reflective Learning & Thinking Partnership
with our guest Speaker Sim Choo Khoo

November 21st, Tuesday – 7 pm

‘Brand Me’ – Who I Am Is How I Coach
with our guest Speaker Jean-Francois Jadin

In practice

  1. Register online to all the Talks for Coaches you intend to attend
  2. Book the dates and times in your calendar
  3. Join us on the D-day


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ACSM Talk for Coachs – 2018 CALENDAR