ACSM Supervisor Sim Choo Khoo

Sim Choo Khoo

Sim-Choo Khoo, PCC, is an accredited Coach SuperVisor, ICF Certification Mentor Assessor and Innovation Coach, appreciative with a sense of awe. 

Expansive, eclectic systemic, sensing and hearing the silence of the music. Attuned as heart energies connect in the field, enabling the authentic potential and possibilities to emerge. 

Her background

As an Executive Coach, she leverages on her corporate leadership success in thinking, planning, asking incisive questions, leading and delivering challenging innovation. Inspiring, connecting, mobilising the stakeholders towards a shared vision in combining strengths towards a desired future positive state.

Multi-disciplinary in bringing together the different disciplines in service of the client such as:

  • Positive Psychology: Adopts a Strengths based, sense of Gratitude, Flourish, Flow.
  • Stakeholder centered Coaching : Eco-system of Stakeholders view.
  • Theory U Leading from the Emerging Future by Presencing Institute, MIT.  In Seeing with fresh eyes, Co-sensing, Letting go to let come.
  • Narrative coaching.

She has driven many complex transformation initiatives for corporate clients as she transitioned and coached the staff to embrace a growth mindset. Her career spanned various organizations, including as Global Services Leader in IBM, Texas Instruments & British American Tobacco where she was consistently recognized for her professional drive, tenacity and strategic perspective, especially when engaging with C-suite levels.

As Innovation Coach, she received many accolades for empowering and spurring over 200 talented managers. Clients have successfully envisioned possibilities, re-framed themselves, feeling excited in initiating powerful initiatives.

She facilitates discovery and reflections as she assesses ICF Coach certification candidates. She serves as an International Consultant Coach of MoovOne. Served on ICF Malaysia board 2016-2018.

She is part of a thriving global community looking into subject matter content around Coaching Supervision, whilst conducting supervision of international coaches from Europe, US and Asia Pacific amongst others. Over the last 30 years, she has been grateful for the opportunities to collaborate across borders as a corporate Coaching Leader and passionate Talent Mentor.

Her Professional Accreditations

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
  • Accredited Coach SuperVisor with the Diploma of Coaching Supervision from Coaching Supervision Academy, UK
  • Accredited Coaching SuperVisor of Association of Coaching Supervisors (AoCS). She is one of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) APR founder members.
  • ICF Certification Mentor Assessor
  • Innovation Coach

Group Supervision with Sim Choo

In Group supervision, coaches (supervisees) sometimes feel stuck and frustrated. In facilitating the session, supervisees begin to notice their tension in their bodies and reflect on  what is arising in the space as they share their scenario.  Coach (Supervisee) expresses with the embodiment of the current realities, gaining awareness and shifts towards embodying the future possibilities. Coaches have shared how they were inspired and gained from the richness and diversity of perspectives.

Noticing the interrelationships, contentions and conflicts within the system, prioritizing to not just trying to balance meeting the various stakeholders’ needs and demands whilst sometimes ignoring their own professional and personal voice. Giving permission to see with a compassionate heart and perspective to truly reflect and respond on the best possible way. Re-connecting to what really matters in their inner core aligning back to their core values, helped making sense in providing clarity on what wants to be heard is now heard. 

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