ACSM Supervisor Rosalyn Tan

Rosalyn Tan

Rosalyn is a Coach Supervisor, a Grief and End of Life Coach and a Career Transition Counsellor.

It is Rosalyn’s mission to inspire people whose lives she touched, to make peace with the past and concentrate one’s mind on the present, and attaining the future result they aspire to have.

Her background

Rosalyn mind and soul focuses on, and specialising in walking and supporting the Sick and Dying, as well as those Grieving due to the loss of a love one. Here, she focuses on expanding one’s thoughts and horizons, to achieve new possibilities towards peace and acceptance, during times of uncertainty and suffering.

Over the decades, Rosalyn has over 25 years of successful Executive Experience with multi-national organizations, retired into 10 years of Coaching, where the last 5 years focusing on the sick and grieving.  In that aspect, she brings first-hand knowledge on Emotions and turmoil associated with uncertainty, fears, regrets, pain and suffering thus helping others move on into new positions and better state and acceptance – building courage to find new perspectives to open new windows of opportunity, to embrace the unknown, and have faith in one’s own future, no matter how dim it seems to be, out there.

Her Professional Accreditations

  • Accredited PCC Grief and End of Life Coach
  • Accredited Clinical Pastoral Education (Counselling)
  • Accredited Coaching Supervisor – Coaching Supervision Academy, U.S.A.
  • Career Management Consultant, Lee Hecht Harrison
  • Newfield Coaching Foundation Program
  • Bachelor Degree in Financial Services (2nd Class Honor) – National University of Ireland
  • Neuro-Linguistic Program Certification, NLP University, Santa Cruz

Group Supervision with Rosalyn

Rosalyn provides Coaching Supervision and Support to Coaches on assignments that involve the aspects of Emotion, translating to leadership skills and perception of oneself within the Business and Corporate world. Beyond this sharpening of coaching skills, she delves into the inner core of self and being and its impact on the way we coach.

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by Rosalyn Tan
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