ACSM Supervisor Marianne Dupuis

Marianne Dupuis

Marianne Dupuis, PCC graduated from the Institute of Applied Neurosciences in Paris (France) to become a certified Coach, Trainer and HR consultant in 2011.

Co-founder of ACSM, Marianne acted behind the scenes to make ACSM happening, then served as Vice-President, in charge of events and communication for 2 years, before serving as President. She’s been highly involved in growing ACSM, driven by her very positive experience of supervision.

Her background

She mainly helps clients through Executive and Leadership Coaching, she excels in challenging leaders for them to develop new mindsets and fulfil their true potential aligned with their own greater purpose. Motivating their team better, raising their influence, growing their negotiation skills, developing their emotional intelligence are recurring themes that Marianne addresses through individual coaching, as well as group coaching and team coaching.

Through parental coaching, she supports parents in their quest for harmonious relationships in their family as well as raising confident, responsible and blooming children. Preparing the future together.

Many come to Marianne seeking for help to find THE job they would love, others also come to clarify what study path they aspire to pursue, hence she’s a reference for career coaching.

Her Professional Accreditations and Memberships

Professional Accreditations

  • Diploma of Coaching Supervision from Coaching Supervision Academy (UK)
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation from International Coach Federation (USA)
  • Certificate IV Business Coaching from Open Door Coaching (Australia)
  • Professional Coach, Trainer and HR Consultant Certificate from Institute of Applied Neurosciences (France)
  • Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor (UK)
  • Master of Administration, Finance from Skema Business School (France)

Professional memberships

  • President and Co-Founder of the Association of Coaching Supervisors and Mentors (ACSM)
  • Founding Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Asia Pacific Region
  • Member of the International Coach Federation (USA, Malaysia)

Supervision and Mentoring with Marianne

Individual and group supervision

When Coaches want to reflect on their practice, on their skills and on themselves, Marianne offers a safe and sacred place to co-create together a meaningful reflective place. Loading off, switching perspective, getting reassurance, learning best practices, discovering blind spots all belong to these supervision sessions. In group, Coaches have the rare privilege to feel they belong to a cooperative profession, borrow some professional insights from others and get validated in their coaching skills as well, feeling supported and uplifted.
When it comes to topic we feel ashamed of yet that influence our coaching, individual supervision is most appropriate and often the only adequate place to acknowledge, forgive and start afresh, resourced and fit for professional purpose again.

Sometimes, we also feel intrigued by coaching tools and supervision is a great place to discuss on the appropriate use of each. Marianne being very fond of creativity loves to guide coaches create some when needed.

Individual and group mentoring

Marianne mentors Coaches eager to get credentialed with ICF. Together we review their coaching skills and they get specific feedback as well as advice on each of the expected ICF competencies. Along the sessions, they can adjust their coaching style and raise their skills where needed to meet the required standards.

Marianne also helps Coaches to grow their practice and trains wannabe coaches to get certified as Coach. She welcomes Coaches at every stage, supporting her fellows in their professional journey.

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