ACSM Supervisor Jean-François Jadin

Jean-François Jadin

Jean-Francois’ expertise in coaching, facilitation and assessment has been built over a 25-year career in key leadership roles, including a regional CEO position with the American Management Association global network. He has designed, developed and implemented numerous talent development solutions for both multi-national corporations such as Citigroup or Pfizer or organizations such as Singapore Airlines.

His background

For over fifteen years, Jean-Francois was CEO of Imperial Consulting, a member of the American Management Association global network, covering Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. He focuses on offering management and leadership development solutions to multi-national corporations, large local companies as well as governments and government related entities, typically at middle and senior management levels. 

Jean-Francois brings in depth knowledge and experience in predictive talent analytics, with a particular focus on an actuarial approach to potential assessment. Since 2009, he certified about 100 ‘Chally Certified Talent Analysts’ across 4 continents while helping numerous organizations to raise their productivity through enhanced human capital analytics. 

Jean-Francois has years of experience in high-potential development, accelerated leadership development and succession planning for clients such as Shell and Continental, many of which combined their developmental process with an academic qualification, from universitis such as Northumbria University. 

For fifteen years, Jean-Francois was a director and deputy chairman of the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which brought to him multi-industry exposure, with a focus on international trade and investment, as well as senior government relations. 

Earlier, he worked for Apple in Belgium, a government hospital in France and a telecommunication company in the United Kingdom.

His Education and Qualifications

  • Jean-Francois holds a B.Sc. (Hon’s) in Computer Science and a M.Sc. in Information Systems from the University of Namur, Belgium. 
  • He has been an American Management Association faculty member since 2002, became a Chally certified talent analyst in 2009 and is now a Chally master trainer, certifying Chally talent analysts. 
  • He is a credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation as well as a registered mentor coach, as well as an ‘Integral Coach’ from New Ventures West. 

Supervision and Mentoring with Jean-François

A credentialed coach by the International Coach Federation, as well as a registered mentor coach and a coach supervisor, Jean-Francois focuses on integral coaching: long term excellence, the ability to selfcorrect and the competence in being self-generating. In action, this means understanding clients with great depth and scope, converse with them in a way that opens insights and possibilities, and offer a path forward that includes activities custom-designed for them. 

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