ACSM Supervisor Frances Penafort

Frances Penafort

Experienced with individuals in senior executive positions, I utilize my coaching philosophy to inspire leaders and their teams to break their ‘mental barriers’ and ‘raise the bar’.  

This is done by enabling them to gain clarity and focus on their impending challenge, become aware of their inner strength and resourcefulness, understand their beliefs that are either supporting or limiting them, re-frame their values, needs and expectations as well as generate possibilities to move them forward.

Her background

A Malaysian by birth, I live in Malaysia and in Australia.  I speak English and Bahasa Malaysia fluently.  My career commenced in the academia and moved into being a management consultant to MNCs in Malaysia and overseas; Finland, Denmark, Australia, China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei.

My executive coaching career expanded into organisations that spanned over a range of industries such as Banking and Finance, Property and Hotels, Oil and Gas, Telco, FMCG, Insurance, Medical and Education.

I support leaders in the key areas of development such as; Executive Leadership, Executive Performance, Talent Development, Managerial Skills, Behavioural Skills and Cross-Cultural Diversity.

I also facilitate workshops on: Global Leadership, Emerging Leaders, Coaching Certification, Communication, Winner’s Mindset, Personal and Team Effectiveness. 

Her Qualifications and Accreditations

  • International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach (MCC) focusing primarily on supporting leaders. 
  • Certified Mentor Coach (Invite Change, USA), 
  • Certified Coach Supervisor (CSA, U.K.), 
  • Certified Global Mindset Consultant (Thunderbird, USA)
  • Certified Harrison Assessment Consultant (HATS, USA).   
  • First President of the ICF Malaysia Chapter in 2011
  • ICF Ethics Global Board (2016-2019), the 
  • ICF Global Nominating Committee (2018-2019) 
  • ICF Core Competency Review Team (2019).  

Mentoring and Supervision with Frances

Frances mentored me as I was in the process of renewing my coach credential. I’m so grateful I met such an amazing coach! Her level of mastery is stellar and the session led to a number of very valuable insights for me in my journey as coach. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned a lot from her presence, kindness and the purity of her coaching. Thanks Frances for helping me become a better person and a better coach!

Sylvain Mahe, February 15, 2019


Dr Frances mentored me in my journey to be a professional coach. She was patient, helpful and provided me with deep insights on what good coaching is. As she reviewed my coaching sessions, I noticed she has an in-depth knowledge of ICF’s core competencies and guided me on how to improve my craft for the better!

Charles Perez Chee, PCC ICF, CDF, September 21, 2016


I enjoyed our mentoring session, Frances. You enabled me to get a much deeper understanding of how important the need for exploring further with the client. This learning has helped me in my next coaching session. I also learnt how to capture the emotional aspects brought up by my coachee.  I’m now more attentive to this aspect. Frances, you have been very supportive in your role as a mentor to me.  Your level of patience in explaining things have helped me clear the confusion that I had earlier.  Thanks so much.

Roslina Manap, March 8,  2019

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