What is ACSM?

ACSM is the Association of professional Coaching Supervisors and Mentors, working in Malaysia, serving the Coaching community to reach the best professional and ethical standards. ACMS offers mentoring and supervision to Coaches and Mentors, as a key continuous professional development.

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What is the difference between Mentoring and Supervision

Mentoring aims at assessing coaching competencies, supporting the coach in growing skills directly linked to coaching. Focus is on the behaviours. Mentoring is when a coach actually hears you coach a client and gives you feedback on your coaching in that session.
Supervision supports the coach in all aspects of the coaching practice, the coaching work with clients as well as personal and professional growth. Focus is on the being. Supervision does not necessarily mean another coach will hear you coach. Instead, it’s mostly focused on talking about coaching process, theory and practice, as well as the progress of our clients (and ourselves as coaches) and what we can do to accelerate it.

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ACSM Membership

ACSM membership
ACSM welcomes Coaches to become Members and belong to a professional community of Coaches, eager to grow their coaching practice and continually develop themselves to reach best professional and ethical coaching standards.