ACSM welcomes Coaches to become Members and belong to a professional community of Coaches, eager to grow their coaching practice and continually develop themselves to reach best professional and ethical coaching standards.

Members’ Benefits

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discount on every single Talk for Coaches
    Talk for Coaches comes either as free or with a public entry fee
    Members enjoy up to 60% discount on each talk
  • FREE Individual Supervision
    Members enjoy a free individual supervision session with any of the Supervisors
  • Special rate for Group Supervision
    Group Supervision takes place regularly for Coaches to upgrade their skills, boost their practice and handle the challenges better
    Members enjoy up to 60% discount on Group Supervision sessions
  • Special rate for Group Mentoring session
    Group Mentoring happens frequently too, for Coaches to get a live feedback on their coaching practice and guidance on what to enhance
    Coaches needing to renew their ICF credential find this specially useful.
    Members enjoy up to 60% discount on each Group Mentoring session
  • Leveraging on our partnerships
    ASCSM partners with organizations providing services to supervisors and mentors or supporting our coaching profession.
    Members get privilege rates with these organizations.
  • First to know
    Members belong to a private what’s app group where they receive invitations first hand, as well as notifications when we share articles about supervision or best coaching practices

Who can join?

Members need to be

  • certified from a coaching training provider
    accredited either by EMCC, ICF, AC or NLP bodies
  • practicing coaching
  • abiding by the Global Code of Ethics at all time
  • maintaining an active and current membership in ACSM by ensuring your membership dues are paid promptly

When can we join?

Each membership period runs from 1 Jan to 31 Jan.
Yet, Members can join in any date or time.  
Thus to ease administrative work and computations, membership dues are thus computed on a 6-month’s basis.

For renewal, annual dues are payable by 31 January.

Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Application date Membership Fees Payable
Jan – June RM100
July – Dec

RM50 (valid till Dec) or RM150 (valid till following Dec)

How to join or renew?